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dark hunter silver

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Classic Xena Fanfiction

My Only Desire Is To Touch Your Soul
Xena and Gabrielle find themselves in a difficult situation, one which will bring them both to breaking point as they come to terms with their love for each other as well as their differences, which have been tearing them apart.

Post FIN Xena Fanfiction

The Waking Light Series

Embrace The Waking Light
As clouds of multicolour reveal themselves to the mortal world and the bridge between reality and dreams begins to crack Xena and Gabrielle will truly come full circle as they are forced to face the fears which have always haunted them.
Book Three

As The Winged Serpent Rises
Xena and Gabrielle's peace is shattered once more as an Aztec creator god appears on the Greek shores. His cold hated directed at the one who betrayed him, the one who can no longer escape him or her past.
Book Two

Up On The Reaches Of The Darkest Moonlight
A night by the campfire turns in to a nightmare for Xena and Gabrielle. As they are both drawn in to a deadly battle in which they will both learn what it is to be human and to become inhuman.
Book One

Thank you DarkMoroseXena for this video tribute.

Up On The Reaches Video Tribute

Alternative Universe Xena Fanfiction

Shattering Of The Silver Light
In a world where Xena is the Empress of Greece she has come to know what it means to be alone. That world is about to change though, as a person appears who will shake the very foundations of her beliefs and turn everything upside down.

Ethereal Ark Of Fire
As the werewolf rebellion continues to ignites in the darkness becoming more volatile Gabrielle is forced confront her past choices and deal with the consequences as she and Xena prepare for the war ahead which if not brought to a close will spread across the Greek Empire coating it in fire and innocent blood.

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